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5 Reasons When an Abortion Becomes Necessary

It is every woman’s dream to become a mother and bring her own child into the world. However, things may not go as planned and while there are contraceptives all around, the number of teenage pregnancies are on the rise every year. Teenage pregnancies are one of the major reasons for an increase in the abortion rates the world over. Many a times, a woman has to undergo an abortion after getting pregnant and is unable to bring the baby into the world. The 5 major reasons when an abortion becomes a necessity have been given below.

· At times when there is danger

One of the major reasons when it becomes vital to get an abortion done is when the fetus becomes a danger for the woman itself and if not removed on time, might pose as a threat to the pregnant woman’s life. The fetus is removed surgically in such cases.

· When the pregnancy is unwanted

If the pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted, the pregnant woman often goes in for an abortion as she is either not ready to bring up the child at the moment or has no plans to have a child ever in the future. Many women feel that they are not good enough to be a mother and in such cases they go for an abortion in case they become pregnant.

· Financial problems are often a reason too

Abortion also becomes a necessity when the mother alone or the mother and father both are unable to afford the child at the moment or have a child already and will not be able to support an additional child.

· Lack of support plays a part too

Many women go for abortion when they do not get appropriate support from the father or are too young to bear a child alone. Also woman who are unmarried but pregnant, go for the abortion to escape the shame associated with it.

· When there’s danger to the child

In many cases, advanced technology detects major defects in the unborn child, if any, and these show up in the early tests during pregnancy. If the doctor suggests that the unborn child will not be able to lead a normal life or be born with physical and mental defects, then many couples consider abortion a necessity.

All said and done, it’s important to be careful no matter what decision you take, when it comes to abortion.

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