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Barbecue and Grilling – Quest Elite Maxi Grill 1300 Watt Review

Using the Quest Elite Maxi Grill in the home is not unlike bringing an outdoor barbecue into the kitchen. This extremely versatile grill cooks excellent steaks and burgers etc and is small enough to take camping or boating. At 1300 watts it will generally require a mains power connection, though many modern boats and larger R.V’s have the equipment aboard to take this kind of load.

This particular grill, and other similar small grills like it, has become very popular with students. Its 14 inch (36 cm’s) diameter cooking surface is plenty big enough to provide healthy grilled food for a student and a couple of friends. It is very useful where cooking facilities are shared with other students. The grill is thermostatically controlled, and the raised grooves on the cooking surface make it ideal for searing burgers and the like for a professional look, also allowing cooking temperature to be reduced for cooking through. The grill can be tilted to allow fat to run away from the cooking food to be collected in the removable container.

This same cooking process also works really well when you are cooking fresh vegetables. The vegetables can be seared and then the temperature reduced. Fitting the vented transparent pan lid helps to keep moisture around the vegetables and reducing the temperature will help in avoiding burning the food. A really professional looking and tasty meal can be easily and quickly produced.

Just as a point of interest, the electric grill and barbecue market is the fastest growing part of the entire sector, and the Quest Elite Maxi Grill forms a very important part of this. The new, bang up to date designs, are incredibly stylish and admired for their clean lines and ease of use etc. Generally speaking, unless you are entertaining a larger group of people, the electric grilles and barbecues are so much more convenient and cleaner than charcoal and gas. They have the added benefit that they do not produce carbon monoxide in the same way that more traditional grilles do. This makes them very safe for use inside a property.

Another sector of our population, aside from students, that can benefit from this type of grill is those of our number who do not have a garden or outside space. The only usable outside space in many apartments is the balcony. At least there is a saving grace in all this, The Quest Elite Maxi Grill will be as happy on a balcony as in a garden, yard or kitchen. Unlike a charcoal burner, which can become quite uncontrollably smoky if care is not used, your Quest Elite Maxi is very easy to bend to your will. Your neighbours will be understandably upset if you fill their apartment with smoke and carbon monoxide. On the other hand, who on earth could actually complain about the delicious aroma of barbecued steak or burger. You are more likely to generate a queue of prospective guests than a hoard of complaining neighbours.

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