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Checklist Of Newborn Baby Care Products For Online Shopping

Did you become a new parent?


Becoming a parent is a great feeling which we can’t describe in words. Your newborn baby is the reason of your laugh, and smile.

Parenthood is a beautiful and wonderful journey. But as a parent, you got some responsibilities, you have to take care of your baby during the first year.

When it comes to preparing for the welcome of your new baby, you have to consider lots of things, from choosing the cutest clothes and buying comfortable sleeping bags to researching handy feeding items and accessories.

You’ll need to know – which baby products are important for the first year?

You can shop baby care products online, there’s such a huge variety of baby products available on the market.

Shopping for your new baby is exciting, and a little bit daunting. There’s no moment more beautiful and joyful than holding up your first baby. But it can be challenging to know what exactly you should buy for your baby.

Confused about what you should buy for your baby? You don’t need to worry.

We have compiled a quick checklist to everything you need to know which products are essential for your new baby.

This checklist can help you determine what you’ll need to buy for the first few months. Let’s dive into list:

1. Baby Clothes

5 to 7 one piece outfits

5 to 7 shirts and bodysuits

5 to 7 leggings

5 sweatshirts and jackets

2 to 4 hats

9 to 12 pair of socks

2. Diapers

Reusable diapers

Changing pad

Disposable wipes for cleaning baby’s bottom

Diaper bag

Diaper cream

Hand sanitizer

3. Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding

Feeding pillow

6 to 12 burp clothes

Milk storage container

Breast pads

Lotion for nipples

6 to 12 bottles

2 bottle brushes


Breast pump

Breast milk bags

Bottle brush

Dishwasher caddy for bottles

4. Feeding

Freestanding high chair

2 to 3 bowls

3 to 5 baby spoons

3 to 5 sippy cups

3 to 5 bibs

Extra nipples and caps

5. Bathing

1 plastic infant tub

Baby soap, shampoo and cleanser

2 to 3 towels

4 to 6 washcloths

Baby soft-bristled hair brush

Baby lotion

Baby powder

Cotton swabs

6. Sleeping

Crib and crib mattress

3 waterproof mattress covers

2 wearable blankets

3 swaddling blankets

Sleep sack

Baby sling

7. Safety

Safety gates

Outlet covers

Cupboard and drawer latches

Toilet seat locks

Baby monitor

Booster seats

First-aid kit

8. Other nice to have items

3 to 5 pacifiers


Bouncy seat

Play mat and gym

Baby carrier

Plastic hangers for closet


Board books

Bulb syringe

Baby nail scissors or clippers

Digital rectal thermometer

Nasal bulb

Saline nose drop

Small bandages for when baby scratches

Night light

Travel system stroller

So, these are a few absolute necessary products which you need to shop. Be sure to pick up these things. And the best part is you don’t have to go out because you can buy these baby care products online.

Happy Parenting

Source by Atit Shah

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