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Choosing The Best Fabric For Your Suit

One of the most important decisions to make if buying a suit is to choose which fabric a suit is made of. The breathability factor of a fabric can determine how hot the wearer gets as the day and night goes on.

Softer fabric will make the suit more costly. It is actually for this very reason that silk suits and cashmere ones are very expensive. People often pay higher so they can feel comfortable. But aside from this, be aware that the more comfortable and breathable the fabric is, the more expensive that suit will be.

Fabrics For Your Suit


This is very soft and expensive. Among the downsides of this is that it is not durable as compared to other fabrics. It is for this reason that a suit made from this fabric tends to show wear earlier as compared to those made of wool or cotton.

To make is affordable, tailors combine cashmere with wool in a suit. Such blend can actually make the suit more substantial and heavy. Also, it tends to look glossier as compared to its counterparts. The downside though of choosing this blended suit is that it won’t hold creases very well.


Probably, cotton is the second most popular fabric for a suit. This often performs and breathes well in hot climates and at outdoor events, keeping the wearer cool. But one of its downsides is that cotton often creases and wrinkles easily, making it a sloppy appearance.

Cotton is usually blended with Lycra or spandex so it can be stretched. These suits are likewise notorious for their breathability and comfort.


Most people today prefer to buy and wear linen suits when attending outdoor events during summer. This is incredibly lightweight and can keep the weather cool even when the environment is hot.

However, this is very difficult to care for since they wrinkle very easily. Also, getting rid of a stain is difficult. Hence, if you own a linen suit, expect higher dry cleaning bills because of the higher rate of pressing and cleaning. This won’t be a good fit for you if you often travel.


Generally, this is a cheap material but is not stylish. This is a synthetic material that is often blended with other natural materials to cut costs. Suits that are composed of polyester have the tendency to wrinkle less as compared to natural fibers. However, they have a reputation for not breathing well and of being shinier than suits made from other materials. With that, if you choose to wear such, you might look out of place in a corporate workplace.

Other fabrics for your suit will include velvet, silk and wool. But regardless of what you choose, be sure to hire the best suit makers in your area. Surely, they will recommend which will work best for you.

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