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Different Types of Antique Rocking Chairs

There’s no denying what antiques can do to a place. Aside from bringing in a touch of the past with their quaint look, these vintage pieces make a great accent to a boring and plain space. And while many people choose old ornaments such as antique vases, paintings, and ancestral objects, some prefer something functional such as antique rocking chairs.

Antique rockers come in a variety of designs, and all of them are reminiscent of the fad when they were manufactured. And although all of these designs can be used to spice up your home, it’s imperative to choose a rocking chair that blends into the architectural design of your house. For instance, if you live in a modern-style dwelling, placing a wooden rocker in the living room can become a furniture misfit.

To choose wisely and make the right decision, your first step is to know the different types of antique rocking chairs available. Here are the top-selling designs and styles.

1. Victorian rockers

As what the name tries to imply, these rocking chairs are from the Victorian era. They are made usually from oak, but depending on a person’s status, other cheaper or more extravagant materials can serve as an alternative. There are three general types of Victorian rocking chairs, and they are the following: pressed back, slipper, and platform. Unlike the pressed and slipper types that have bowed rockers, the platform’s ability to swing back and forth is dependent on a spring located somewhere on the chair’s legs.

2. Gungstol style

According to many credible sources, the Gungstol first came out in Sweden a few centuries ago. They originally had 6 legs for added and sturdier support, but over the years, some craftsmen have found a way to create sturdy Gungstols using only 4 legs.

Antique Gungstols have a shiny surface, which shows the quality of the material they are made from. They come in different colors, but the most common are black and brown. In addition to that, these chairs also have long spindles that can extend above the head.

3. Windsor rockers

These days, the Windsor has different looks. But the original Windsor has short back spindles and short arm rest. In addition to that, this style also has a bowed back frame. The Windsor was originally used as a backyard furniture, but over the years, it can be an essential piece that can be put in any room of the house. A variation of the Windsor is Boston rocker. This chair is also short just like the Windsor, but the obvious difference is that the Boston doesn’t have a bowed back frame.

4. Grecian rockers

The previously mentioned rocking chairs have seats made of solid wood. But Grecian rockers are made from woven rattan. The main disadvantage of this is that the rattan does not last that long as compared with other materials.

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