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How to Care For Flannel Fabric

Flannel is one of the softest fabrics that need special care during washing and drying. If you will handle it roughly then after few washings it will give the worn out look making it unfit for use. But flannel is also one of the most durable and easy to care fabrics. You need no dry cleaning for cleaning. Flannel fabric is very soft and warm, easy to care and durable and available in varied designs and colors. Generally the colors are fast so you do not have to worry about the color bleaching and all. Cotton flannel fabric products generally shrinks a bit so keep this in mind before washing the first time.

How to wash?

It is better to wash with hands as you will very gently wash your fabric with hands. If this is not possible then wash the it in lowest machine setting in cold water. Use very mild detergent. If there is any stain on the flannel fabric then never rub this with brush. Keep the fabric in your hand and then gently rub the fabric. This will remove the stain. Never use hard bleach, detergent or whitening agent to wash flannel fabric.

How to Dry?

The best option to dry flannel is the natural dry method. Never hang the very wet fabric on the clothesline outside as the material may loose its shape. For this either dry it in the tumbler under low settings or very gently squeeze the extra water out of the fabric and then out it on clothesline for drying. Do not be harsh while squeezing the flannel fabric. Also remember to get the little damped flannel out of tumbler to avoid wrinkles.

Follow the Instructions on Label

All clothes and furnishing product material comes with the washing and drying instruction labels. For better flannel care follow these care instructions every time.

How to Iron?

Always iron this fabric on the wrong side.

Never wash flannel fabric with any other fabric as it leaves lints that get deposited on other fabric. Also never over dry it in tumbler as it will get wrinkles and its color will fade eventually.

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