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Making the World a Better Smelling Place

5 Great Ways to Use Scented Oils and Incense To Keep Your Home Fragrant, Keep Away Annoying Insects and Set Your Own Mood.

One of the easiest ways to scent your home is with a good quality incense. Stick incense usually lastlonger than cone incense and it provides an atmosphere of being laid back or relaxed. You can choose your scents to promote a stress relieving atmosphere with Lavender, probably the most widely recognized stress reliever for years. The mood can be picked up by introducing Cinnamon, Orange or Frankincense. An evening of romance can be aided by smells such as Rose or Jasmine. Ylang Ylang, Vanillas and some of the more Oriental scents have proved to have aphrodisiacal properties.

The ritual of burning incense is as old as man himself, starting with the recognition that if one threwdifferent woods or grasses or weeds into the fire one would get different smells. Soon, almost allcultures created artistic little devices to burn incense in – clay pots, ceramic bowls, brass braziers.Now Crystal Mountain Oils and Incenses has created a Hanging Smoking Bottles, an incense burner that hangs up away from children and pets (and drunk friends) and also keeps all the ashes and fires away from furniture and floor coverings.

Oils have been used for centuries by most cultures. The knowledge was for the most part lost tosome of the western Europeans with the advent of Christendom. But thanks to the Arabic andOriental people the secrets were saved and are now are enjoyed world wide.

The benefits of the oils run from pure olfactory enjoyment to the treatment of a vast majority ofmaladies to repelling of many noxious insects to a variety of other uses. Cedar, Citronella, Clove, Bud and Catnip are just a few of the insect repellants. Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus are just a few of the more well known therapeutics oils.

The art of Perfumery, or blending fragrances to create smells for various purposes, is also anancient part. It didn’t just start with “Chanel #5” or “Love Potion #9”. I believe I read somewherethat Louis the Fourteenth of France preferred the scent of Jasmine. Indeed, once a persons interestis captured in olfactory bliss, the normal reaction is to immediately search for other pleasurablescents. Often at our shoppe customers will search through the 130 or so oils looking for just the right one, until sometimes their nose fails them and they have to step back until there sense of smell clears.

There are many ways to enjoy the oils. Most of them can be worn as a personal fragrance. Some you may need to cut with a carrier oil. You can take this to the next step, and turn them into a massage oil by mixing a few drops with a heavier oil such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil that is used as a massage oil base.

You may drop a few drops of oil on a hot surface – light bulb ring or a stovetop, for those that heat with wood. One of my favorite ways is to use a potpourri pot, either one heated with a candle or by electricity, put a little water in the container and add a few drops of your favorite oil or favorite oils.Apply heat, and set back and enjoy the pure unadulterated scent from the oil. I say favorites,because I have found in the past 16 years that I have been involved with oils, that the more compatible oils you mix the better the scent gets.

On a hot day, a neat way to beat the heat is to take a spray bottle, fill it with water, add a refreshing oil such as Peppermint or Orange, then spray it around the room. This same technique can be used to refresh you bed. Simply turn back the covers, and spray your linens. You can broaden this buy adding other scents that you like.

You can keep your automobile fresh by adding a few drops of oil to a piece of leather and placing it on your dash in the sun. Oils are volatile, so heat activates them and amplifies their aroma. Crystal Mountain Oils and Incense manufactures decorative Aroma Jewelry vials that can be worn as a necklace or you can hang them in your auto, and makes for some enjoyable crusin’.

Ok, if this is more than 5 ways, please excuse me, and just try them all anyway. And, oh yeah, we hope you get addicted. We did. And as far as we know there is no 12 step program, at least we hope not.

“Help us make the world a better smelling Place”

Source by Larry Murley

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