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Why Should I Believe in Aromatherapy?

We, as human beings have been given the wonderful gift of 5 senses, which most of us use every day without even thinking about it. Let us give some attention to how we react to the various things that touch our senses.

The fragrance of a home-baked apple pie may bring back memories of Grandma’s kitchen and feelings of comfort or happiness. How about the scent of a deep, red rose? Does it bring of thoughts and feelings of

Love, with the memory of your first anniversary with your significant other? Or the sight of an intricately beautiful, wild violet bringing with it, feelings of wonder and awe. Or maybe someone walks past you wearing the same perfume your Mother used to wear and you are instantly in touch with the feelings of safety, warmth and love of family.

There are so many ways we are touched emotionally, mentally, physically by items coming in contact with our senses. Like the music on the radio that takes us back to childhood, the smell of sheets that were dried outside on the clothes line, the touch of velvet that was your first prom dress. The taste of your favorite ice cream reminds you of your high school days with friends. Your senses carry you far beyond the very moment of contact, bringing with them the enhancement of spirit. These senses trigger our nervous system, relieving depression, revitalizing, uplifting, and giving us an all-over feeling of well-being.

This is what aromatherapy does and much more. Using pure essential oils from a wide assortment of plants, flowers, fruits barks and roots, produces compounds that can be used to affect mood and health. These are more widely accepted for use in the alternative and holistic medicine fields. Aromatherapy actually dates back thousands of years probably first used by the Egyptians. These can be used in a variety of ways; by inhaling the essence, using the oil as a massage or compress and with proper direction of a professional, ingestion.

Just as a suggestion, we believe you should at least give it a try. Beside the fact that you will feel better, it could carry you off to some distant past with wonderful memories and feelings!

Source by Sandy Hatfield

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